Monday, May 2, 2011

Sane Investing in an Insane World

It's enough to make any sane investor wonder if the human race has suddenly lost its mind!

Like Greece, Washington is drowning in debt.

Like Greece's, our government is using "creative accounting" to greatly understate its total debt — by excluding from its balance sheet the debts of agencies that it owns and controls — such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But unlike Greece, Washington has not yet taken any substantive steps to curtail its debt addiction.

Quite to the contrary ...

Our government's "solution" is to pile on still MORE debt — with a $1.6 trillion deficit this year ... with continuing massive deficits until at least 2010 ... and with still more creative accounting to cover up the far larger deficits.

Adding insult to injury, today and early next week, Congress will try to push into law a new health care bill that could add another $940 billion to the deficit.

The Congressional Budget Office says it could save us money in the long term. But their long-term, "out-year" forecasts have been notoriously shaky. And even if they're right, the near-term impact will be MORE borrowing! Meanwhile ...

The Federal Reserve's "solution" is to continue printing money to finance deficit. The Fed's decision last week reaffirmed that course. And so far, we see no one — in or outside the Beltway — with the courage and the power to stop them.

Washington's message: "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Give the public plenty of lip service about defending the greenback ... but crank up the printing presses and run them 24/7!"

Have our leaders in Washington totally lost their minds?

Since when is it sane to ask investors — especially foreign investors — to lend you more money while knifing them in the back every time they open their wallet?

Since when is it sane to believe that to solve a crisis, you must do more of the thing that caused the crisis in the first place?!

Any way you look at it, our leaders are proving that ...

If you're going to grow richer,
you're going to have to do it yourself.

If you plan to wait for Washington to solve our economic problems, you're going to be waiting a long, LONG time. It's time to take control of your own financial fortunes ... do what must be done to protect yourself and your family from this insanity ... and even USE it to grow your wealth.

This is precisely why my team and I created our new Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio and why I'm so excited about the first major recommendations our editor, Monty Agarwal, will be releasing early Tuesday, the day after tomorrow.

Our mission in this portfolio is to help you harness the power of scientific cyclical research — to build a diversified portfolio filled with investments designed to make you money in times like these.

Our exclusive relationship with the Foundation for the Study of Cycles makes it possible for you to get access to meticulously researched data on economic and price changes throughout recorded history.

Since 1971, when the gold standard and fixed exchange rates ended, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles has published its cyclical analysis for all five of the major asset classes — top stocks for 2011, bonds, currencies, precious metals and commodities.

When we carefully examined the Foundation's work, here's what we found ...

The Foundation's cycles have accurately identified nearly every major shift in market direction ... in every one of these asset classes ... IN ADVANCE ... for 39 years.

These cycles could also have helped you beat the S&P 500 FOUR TO ONE and multiply your money nearly 26 times over since 1971. That's enough to turn $10,000 into more than $258,000 ... $100,000 into nearly $2.6 million ... or $1 million into more than $25.8 million.

Following these cycles could have helped you enjoy 18 consecutive winning years since 1992 — through the tech wreck ... 9/11 ... two wars ... and the most severe recession since the Great Depression.

More recently, if you had invested $100,000 in the average S&P 500 stock in 2000 and simply held on, you would have LOSSES of $14,000 today — but following these cycles and using simple risk management techniques, you could have more than doubled your money with a 111% gain — in one of the toughest investing environments in our nation's history.

Most importantly, the Foundation's cyclical work is now confirming that massive, historic directional shifts in these asset classes are about to create substantial profit opportunities for investors.

To help you use this research to grow your money, we selected Monty Agarwal — a man who, in his 12 years as a money manager and trader — HAS NEVER HAD A LOSING YEAR.

For more on Monty Agarwal and his background, click here.

Through the tech wreck ... 9/11 ... two wars ... the most severe recession since the great depression ... Monty Agarwal has never had a losing year!

Another big plus: Monty has broad experience trading all five of the asset classes we'll be using in our Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio.

He was an interest rate and currency trader between 1995 and 2003. He was Managing Director and Head of Trading at BNP Paribas in Singapore and was ranked among the top three traders by Risk Magazine in 2002.

Monty has also served as a portfolio manager for a $5 billion hedge fund. And another fund, which he founded himself, was nominated as the Best New Asian Hedge Fund and Best Asian Relative Value Hedge Fund.

We have made sure that our Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio is as straightforward, transparent and easy to use as humanly possible.

The Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio gives you the opportunity to invest your money the way Monty Agarwal, Richard Mogey and I invest ours — but with one major exception: You can buy or sell up to 48 hours sooner because you get two full days' notice before we buy or sell anything!

Plus, on our members-only website, you will see EVERYTHING that happens in our million-dollar account — every trade, every confirmation, every statement will be an open book to you.

And in each Trading Alert you receive, Monty will ...

Name the asset classes the Foundation's signals have identified as having the richest profit potential right now and reveal what percentage of our capital he'll invest in each one ...

Name the individual vehicles — the stocks and ETFs — he's recommending in each asset class and give you the precise percentage of your money to invest in each vehicle, and ...

Provide complete, plain-English instructions on how to place the trade online or on the telephone with your broker.

The OTHER reason why I invested
$1 million of my own money ...

The way I see it, the accuracy of the Foundation's cycles combined with Monty Agarwal's 12-year record as a money manager and trader would normally be enough to make anyone want to invest this way.

But frankly, I had another reason for investing $1 million of my own money this way: I'm so confident that this approach will see YOU through the chaotic events ahead ... so convinced that this unique, cyclical approach to portfolio-building will help protect your money ... and so excited at how Monty plans to help you go for substantial profits ...

I wanted to put my money where my mouth is to give you the confidence to give this service a fair try.

The fact that Monty, Richard Mogey and I are all investing along with the members of this portfolio means our fortunes are linked in a very significant way.

It means that Monty will never suggest that you do anything with your money that he isn't doing with his.

But remember:

All Enrollment for Our
Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio
CLOSES TOMORROW, March 22, 2010!

I would strongly urge you NOT to wait to the last minute. Monty will start building the portfolio with major recommendations starting first thing Tuesday morning.

Plus, if you activate your membership now, you can begin enjoying many of your membership privileges immediately.

You can view our Quick Start video and guide ... familiarize yourself with this unique service ... set up your portfolio ... explore our Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio website ... and much, much more.

As you weigh your decision, please consider this ...

1. This is your LAST CHANCE to join — quite possibly FOREVER. And if, someday, we are able to offer new memberships in this service, they will cost far more than they do today.

2. By joining now, you can get started for just $199 per month — or sign up for a full year and lock in significant savings FOR LIFE: Activate your membership for just $199 per month — or if you prefer, you can save $631 on your one-year membership. And when you renew your membership later on, you'll be entitled to do so at these discounted prices. You'll NEVER pay more!

3. Your membership will make you money in the next 90 days or it costs you NOTHING: We cannot guarantee profits, and losses are entirely possible. But here's what we can guarantee: You can lock in your savings by joining now ... then, follow our recommended trades on paper for the next 90 days. You must be delighted with the results, or simply cancel for a full refund of every penny you paid. Otherwise, begin following our trades with real money whenever you feel ready.

That way, you lock in huge savings without risking a penny!

We have just created a new website that focuses on the major new profit opportunities and dangers that are set to rock the markets in mere days ... and how our Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio is preparing to use these events to help you go for substantial profits — beginning immediately.

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