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The clock is ticking before Wall Street discovers this company

This could be the most profitable top stocks for 2011 in the country because nanotechnology is the most successful technology in America. Incredibly, while most people have heard of this industry, they don't know how to make money from it. Nanotech can make you rich IF you follow my advice and understand how and where it's quietly changing the world. I've discovered a little-known $2.65 nanotechnology stock that's performing absolute miracles for our military. They're a rapidly-growing supplier of sophisticated defense electronics that's riding the nanotech boom like crazy. Their timing couldn't be better. Our military is just beginning the biggest overhaul of the way it defends America in its 87-year modern history. And nanotechnology will play a major part in this transformation. More on this in a moment. Nanotechnology is the "miniaturization" of weapons and systems so that their effective- ness is multiplied hundreds of times. This stunning technology gives the military the ability to measure, see, manipulate and manufacture things usually between 1 and 100 nanometers--a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. To put that in perspective, if you were to take a single strand of hair from your body and measure it, it would be around 100,000 nanometers wide. • TIME MAGAZINE reveals, "Nanotech is quietly seeping into everything." • MERRILL LYNCH calls it "the next growth innovation." • The MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) endorses its use saying, "the Army is redesigning itself as a lighter, faster, more agile force..." I can't remember when I was this enthusiastic about a $2.65 stock. Its prospects are so glowing, I believe that it can hit $60.15 at a minimum. And I'll show you exactly how I arrive at this figure. The very few people who know about this stock are quietly saying it could reach $75 a share, but I feel more comfortable with the other figure. I can promise you that the fortunes made in this new defense industry are going to be sudden, large and certain. That's because you can participate in the very beginning of this phenomenal, history-changing boom. I'd estimate that this young industry is in the first 3% of its future worldwide growth. Nanotechnology is expected to be a trillion dollar industry by 2015. You can choose the climb aboard this unstoppable megatrend or read about it in The Wall Street Journal and deeply regret not joining us. This best stock for 2011 is one that you won't forget. Nanotech Is Changing The Military In Ways You Can't Even DREAM Of. Bees Catch Bin Laden? In a moment, I'm going to tell you all about little-known company, but to appreciate this $2.65 stock, you've got to get a sense of just how incredibly helpful nanotechnology is going to be for our military. It turns the world upside-down. These capabilities are just the start of the vast opportunity you and I have to make money. • Satellites The Size of Grains of Rice: Our enemies can't touch them because they can't find them. Right now our satellites are vulnerable to attack. You've probably read that China just tested a satellite-destroying missile. Nanotechnology solves this The Power To Beat Our Enemies In The Blink of An Eye "...a nation that gained a sufficient lead in molecular nanotechnology would be at some point in a position to simply disarm potential competitors..." Nanotechnology and International Security problem. We always know what our adversaries are up to. • Surveillance Devices The Size of Ants: They can follow troops without ever being detected. They relay informa- tion back to us that includes troop size, where they're going, how many there are and what they're armed with. No one ever sees them. • Submarines the Size of Minnows: They surround the coast of a country we're at war with. If anything enters the water, like a military craft, we instantly sink it. This can make battleships and traditional submarines obsolete. • Flying Cameras The Size of Bees: It's no secret that we're looking for Osama Bin Laden. Imagine if we had squads of 250 million bee-size flying cameras that could search anywhere for him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all kinds of weather. In a month he'd be in cuffs. All of a sudden, the mountains and tall peaks of Afghanistan that protect these thugs would mean absolutely nothing. The Money to Be Made By Climbing Aboard Now Is Immense America is just beginning the greatest modernization and overhaul of its armed forces in history. Phillip J. Bond raves about the future of nanotechnology. He should know because he's America's Under Secretary of Technology. What he says happens. Here's what this nationally-respected figure says in a speech to other nanotech professionals. "As you go about making America competitive in the future, nano is the's going to be critical to national security and homeland security." This is why this $2.65 stock could rise rapidly. Once the "mainstream" investors discover what I already know and what Phillip J. Bond is saying, it can go up like you can't believe. Remember, you want to buy low, not high. Others are now beginning to understand what nan- otechnology can do. Consider... • Merrill Lynch Says It's The Next Big Thing: This investment giant did its homework, They reveal, "We believe that nanotechnology could be the next growth inno- vation similar to importance to information technology over the past 50 years..." • FORBES Magazine Says It's Booming: In an article titled, "Nanotech On The Front Lines," they describe how nanotechnology is one of the hottest new areas, reporting that it is "earmarked for big money" investment by the Department of De- fense. • The National Science Foundation Reports: "Nanotechnology is the continuation of the next chapter in the acceleration of advanced technology..." They're right. • Expert Kevin Coleman Reveals a Golden Military Future: He reports "The direct application for defense and homeland security are only limited by our imagination..." America Is Slipping Behind. It Needs a Big NEW Strategy The simple fact is this: the U.S. military needs decisive new ways of winning a war. NANOTECHNOLOGY CAN DO THIS FOR US. Our safety has always relied on being one step ahead of our adversaries. But this gap is closing at a truly frightening rate. • China is developing a blue-water Navy that will include highly armed battleships that could equal our own. This will greatly expand their sphere of influence in the fastest growing part of the world. • Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power. Once we were the only one with the bomb. Imagine a world where they have it. Their promise to "wipe Israel off the map" and "cut us down to size" might come true. • Syria is using North Korea's technology to build a nuclear plant—that is until the Israeli's bombed it to smithereens. The President of Syria vows to continue his program—and I believe this dedicated fanatic. • Russia has just exploded the largest non-nuclear bomb ever developed by mankind. Alexander Rukshin, Russia's Deputy Armed Forces Chief, says "the bomb has no match in the world." Do you think we're going to sit by and do nothing about all this? I don't care what political party you belong to, we all come together as Americans when it comes to protecting our lives. America's dominance is being eroded. Like we did in 1939 by inventing the nuclear bomb, we need a big new idea that will let us leapfrog over these adversaries and make them realize there are huge negative consequences to starting a war. That's precisely where nanotechnology comes in... It changes the rules of the game—in our favor—almost overnight. I'll give you another reason why the military will have no choice but to employ these miracle workers. The possibility of additional terror strikes on our shores. Americans are NOT going to stand for it if car bombs go off, jets are threatened to be blown out of the sky and nuclear weapons menace cities. We're going to hit back—and hit back in entirely new ways. I'm not alone when it comes to praising nanotechnology. The greatest investors all say that the true opportunities to get rich are when you have "disruptive technologies or events." What does that mean? It simply means that such a potent new way has been invented to so something, almost overnight it obsoletes the "old way" of doing it. That's what we have in nanotechnology—and that's what we have in this remarkable $2.65 stock. Using Current Industry Measures of Value, I'm Convinced That This Stock Is SUPER Undervalued. Once Wall Street Wakes Up, I Think We're In For a Surge That Can Send It to $60.15 The greatest investments come straight out of left field. Peter Lynch of Magellan Mutual Fund fame said that and he's right. Once a company is discovered, it's rewarded with a full valuation of what the enterprise is really worth. With its phenomenal prospects, this company is on the verge of being discovered. The top stocks to buy of high-profile, well-known nanotech companies have sold for a wide range of price/sales ratios. A price/sales ratio is simply the value of all the outstanding shares of stock compared to the sales. For example, if a nanotechnology company had $10 million in sales and a price/sales ratio of 10, the stock (market cap) would be valued at $100 million. (10 times $10 million in sales=$100 million in market cap). How This Stock Could Reach $60.15 a Share By Being Discovered. Steve Forbes Calls It "The Next Big Thing..." The top four nanotech stocks as reported by Frost & Sullivan as of April 28, 2005 have an average price/sales ratio of 247. Remember, they are valued at this ratio because they are high profile, well-known stocks. My $2.65 nanotech stock has NOT been discovered yet. If it achieves JUST 20% of this valuation, this takes the $2.65 stock to $60.15. that's why I say it over and over: no one knows about this super stock. Look at the math. 20% of the 247 price/sales valuation is 49.4 price/sales valuation. Now take their latest full fiscal year sales of $23.5 million and multiply that it. It comes to a market cap of $1.16 billion. Now divide this by the 19.3 million shares they have outstanding and you get a per share price of $60.15. Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine, one of the smartest pros in America, says this about nanotechnology, "It's still relatively undiscovered by Wall Street. It is the next big thing. Key to your long-term profits is identifying now while the sector is just emerging..." Contracts From NASA, the Air Force, Homeland Security Because Their Patented Products Are So Outstanding This enterprise counts as customers many of the most prestigious enterprises and government agencies in the world. That's because their products work better than any other available. For the technically oriented, this is what they do. They're a leading supplier of opto-electronic solutions and Terahertz sensors and instrumentation that are used in the military and private industry. Often, they're incorporated into another larger system. Their products are based on patented systems that they invented. Examples of contacts they've won instantly make it clear to the non-Ph.D scientists among us—and I include myself in that group—precisely what they do. And that's what counts. Consider... • For NASA, they developed a way to examine the external fuel tanks for the Shuttle. This system helps PREVENT another Columbia disaster where the Shuttle blew up because part of the left wing fell off. • For the Air Force, they created a new way to protect sensitive radar systems from the elements. This $750,000 contract was a major development for them, proving that their technology was indeed superior. • For the U.S. Military they developed a missile tracking and imaging system components that are used in the tow missile. As you may know, the tow missile is a killer that's used largely for stopping tanks. • For Homeland Security they developed a way to re- place nuclear gauges. Nuclear gauges, when they are discarded, can be used by terrorists to build a dirty bomb. Understandably, the government would like to see their use discontinued. • For the U.S. Military they're creating components of powerful night vision systems. Their light emitting diodes are remarkable, earning them a $1 million dollar contract. Hearing These Brilliant Minds Talk About The Fabulous Future Of Nanotechnology Says This $2.65 Stock Could Reach $60.15 This trend is just starting—that's wonderful news for us as investors. The money to be made is virtually unlimited because the military use of nanotachnology is unlimited. A friend of mine called this a 'millionaire-making opportunity.'' I agree 100%. If you want to leave other investments in the dust, THIS is a stock you should own. This is your chance to be among an exclusive handful of investors who found out EARLY and grabbed the opportunity before it slipped away. I'm convinced we're on the verge of making an astonishing gain that will make anything you've earned in the past look insignificant. I say that because of the enormity of nanotechnology. I can't think of another industry that's changing the world the way it is. Here's what many of America's top experts are saying... They'd Pay Anything to Gain These Miraculous New Powers It sounds like a movie it's all so incredible. But it's not. This is the new world of nanotechnology. Success in this field will warn off our enemies and protect our friends. And the government is willing to spend to get there. It has to in order to protect us. Imagine tiny sensors so small that they can't be seen. The follow suspects and capture every single word and movement. These killers are stopped dead in their tracks while their evil deeds are still in the planning stage. No technology is better suited to stopping them before they strike. And this is just the beginning. Look at what nanotechnology can do... 1) .50 Caliber Machine Gun Bullets Bounce Off — A .50 caliber machine gun bullet couldn't pierce nanofabrics. These miracloe workers can also turn away dangerous microbes in a biological or chemical attack. Best of all, this fabric is thinner than paper and incredibly light. 2) Surveillance Devices That Can't Be Seen or Stopped — Knowledge is power—and survival. Some experts believe that this is the most effective use of nanotechnology. Tiny listening devices with cameras can be placed in tiny devices of ALL types. When I say tiny I mean that you'd barely see them with a microscope. They would be impossible to detect. For example, imagine embedding them in safe houses terrorists use and then learning of all their plans when they start talking. 3) Invisible Sensors That Detect Radiation In Seconds — One nuclear bomb could kill 6 million people in a major city. To date, we have limited means to detect radiation. But that's changing—fast. Nanotechnology can have MILLIONS of sensors that are designed to turn color and emit sounds when radiation is detected. These would be cheap, effective and employed in every city and port! 4) Bomb Resistent Containers For Luggage On Aircraft — How about this for stopping the terrorists when they try to put a bomb in an aircraft or on a ship. All cargo and luggage is placed in bomb-proof containers made on nano materials that actually absorb and neutralize the power of the blast—no matter how big it is. It's a major breakthrough that can make us all much safer. 5) Intercept Incoming Rockets From Enemy Nations — North Korea fired 7 missles on July 4th 2006. It turned out that one of them was programmed to hit Hawaii. Every day rogue nations increase their ability to threaten us. Nanotechnology can put them out of business by instantly spotting them with tiny sensors when they've just left the launching pad— ALSO firing a weapon the blow them up! 6) Tiny Satellites The Size of Grains of Sand — The U.S. currently has numerous satellites that provide critically important military information. The only trouble is this: they're vulnerable to enemy attack. A small nuclear bomb set off in space would wipe them out in minutes. With nanotechnology, satellites the size of grains of sand—or even smaller—can be launched in minutes. Even if an explosion destroyed some of them, millions would be left intact. Just imagine how our military would be improved by having all these magical capabilities. That's the heart of my message to you: it would transform our standing in the world almost overnight. As Far As The Eye Can See, Demand For Nanotechnology Is Astonishing: The U.S. Military Budget Is Up 85% In Five Years To $513 Billion Earlier I told you what the TOP TECHNOLOGY person in the U.S. government, Phillip J. Bond, thinks about nanotechnology. As America's Under Secretary of Technology his influence is absolutely huge. His statement is crystal clear and it definitely bears repeating. He states... "As you go about making America competitive in the future, nano is the's going to be critical to national security and homeland security." That says it all. The military is 100% committed—and this company is ready to meet their needs. Uncle Sam is just starting a cash spending spree that will make history, generating a mountain of money for those first in line! And at $2.65 a share, we ARE the first in line. This company is well below the radar—for now. One of the great secrets to safely making a lot of money on Wall Street is identifying a crucial trend—and then get in as EARLY as possible. I say early because the cheaper the stock is, the better off you are. This takes speed and clear thinking. Eventually, a booming trend will be spotted by others. You have to carefully position yourself for profits. Warren Buffet has made this point over and over again. Nanotechnology IS just beginning to gain Wall Street's attention. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Says It's HUGE... This commitment by the government is growing by leaps and bounds. For example, the government awarded The Massachusetts Institute of Technology a $50 million dollar grant to recommend innovative defense uses of nanotechnology. Their conclusion? It's the hottest technology in the world. And this $2.65 stock is cashing in on it all. Their client list includes companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Dynamics. Giants like these rely on this enterprise as a loyal, long-time sup- plier to them, many with relationships that go back over 15 years. This demand and this spending boom could mean the greatest profit you've ever made. I Say It's the #1 Nanotech Stock of the Decade. Yet Many Investors Make a Mistake that Prevents Them From Profiting... WILL YOU MISS THE OBVIOUS SIGNS OF SUCCESS? What do I mean by that? If you were to look back at all the life-changing investments that made millionaires out of ordinary people, they had one thing in common: they possessed a business that fundamentally changed the way business works. Only a handful of companies fall in this catagory. Enterprises we all know well: Microsoft with their world-changing operating system; Dell with their computers; McDonald's with fast food. In other words, with their booming sales and rising profits, it was OBIVOUS that the 2011 top stocks of these companies would hit the stratosphere. Yet most investors ignored their early and obivous signs of success. They later recognized them, But by then it was too late. The stock had made early investors millionaires, or darn close to it. You now know that this company exists and what they're doing in the astounding nanotechnology industry is incredible. And just like those familiar superstar stocks, nanotechnology will ALSO change the way business is done. There's no reason to miss this best stock to buy. I'm sure that by now you've read what some of the most brilliant minds in the nanotech industry say: fortunes will be made by those who see this and act now. It's a fact. In other words, you can get rich now because... YOU CLIMB ABOARD EARLY BY ACTING NOW The Gains In This Stock Could Be History-Making. Nanotechnology Is The Future and This Company Is On The Right Track To Ride This Wave I urge you to take a few minutes and get the facts in this letter. Once you do, I'm sure that you'll agree with me and the many other experts: this com- pany is destined to become a major force in this ex- citing industry—and richly reward those who acted without delay. You have two choices. You can ignore these facts ­ like 96% of the investing public—and miss this opportunity. Or you can understand that this is an historic opportunity, just the way the operating system propelled Microsoft and mass production of a computer propelled Dell. If you are seriously interested in harnessing the immense earning power of the stock market, this is your opportunity. Rarely have I seen a $2.65 stock with such incredible potential. Buy what you're comfortable with. Then increase your position after you see the kind of money-making progress I believe is just ahead. I even have a free report I can send you on this stock. It's called, "Nanotechnology ­ How to Make $500,000 or More on This Disruptive Technology." I'm offering all those who try out my publication, Untapped Wealth, a free copy of this report. Here's the deal. Try Untapped Wealth risk free. That means you have to be 100% satisfied with its rec- ommendations, or I'll give you a full refund. The nanotech report is yours to keep whatever you decide. Fair enough? If you like the nanotech stock. I've described to you, Untapped Wealth is where you'll find more of them. Remember my promise: unless you're thrilled with Untapped Wealth—and I mean completely satisfied, you'll get every cent back and "Nanotechnology ­ How to Make $500,000 or More on This Disruptive Technology" is yours to keep. Not only that, there are four additional FREE reports I'll tell you about in a moment. First, about this report... I've Just Put the Finishing Touches on a Superb New Report Called "Nanotechnology ­ How to Make $500,000 or More on This Disruptive Technology" It's Yours FREE... The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can get it to you. Literally, you could be reading it in five minutes from now since it's available as a download. It's the most profitable reading you'll do this year, I assure you. I'm convinced that it will answer all your questions about the company's present operations and future plans. I've only scratched the surface in my letter to you when it comes to all the exciting details on this $2.65 a share gem. A small sampling of what you'll discover... If you act now, your promptness will be well rewarded. I have up to four additional reports I'll send you. They outline some outstanding investment uncovered by Tim Fields, our star stock selector. In just a moment, I'll tell you all about him and his uncanny record of selecting top stocks for 2011 that go up very sharply. Tim found this $2.65-a-share nanotech blockbuster. These four reports bring you his thinking on other carefully selected investments that can hand you very, very impressive gains that can pump up your portfolio quickly. I'll tell you much more about him and his newsletter, Untapped Wealth in a moment. Your First FREE Report: Geothermal Energy: The Secret Investment The Rich Are Flocking to. In this valuable report, you'll discover a little-known stock that's on the verge of becoming a major force in America's least-known alternative energy sources: geothermal energy. It's still under $10 a share, but I believe it could rise to the low seventies. Geothermal energy is created by harnessing the power of steam and water deep inside the earth—and converting this power to electricity. It's a tremendous investment because it works, it has no harmful emissions, it's not expensive, no one can blackmail us over it and we have plenty of it. While solar and wind power are grabbing headlines, geothermal is making money right NOW. Best of all, it's competitive with any other energy source out there. According to the U.S. Department of Energy Report, they state that there's been "a substantial surge in geothermal power projects in the U.S." So investors are waking up to its immense potential. Wikipedia correctly states that "geothermal energy is extremely price competitive..." In this free report, you'll discover how this little-known company is getting larger and larger as it develops safe, clean, renewable geothermal electric power plants using their unmatched new technology. They hold valuable license rights to several key technologies used in geothermal and other heat transfer based power generation. These technologies include two important technologies that have the potential to improve geothermal and other electric power generation efficiencies by up to 30% or more. This is HUGE. This kind of power generation works. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal heat pumps are the most energy- efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective systems for temperature control. Look at the price of oil today. It's completely out of control. What business can plan ahead with a commodity that's soaring? This company is experiencing record demand because geothermal power costs are PREDICTABLE and low. This stock is under $10, but I believe the low seventies is where it can easily wind up. Your Second FREE Report: WiMax: Transforming the Economic Landscape and Forging a New Breed of Millionaires Invest alongside a multi-billionaire who founded one of America's most successful technology companies. This is his latest venture that very, very few people know about. This fellow once counted Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft as his business partner. If I were to tell you the company he founded, you'd instantly recognize it. Well, he's back—and Tim thinks that this time it will be more profitable then EVER. His plan is use wire- less broadband services to deliver SUPERFAST Internet connections over long distances. That's a first! This is NO theory. Recently, Sprint decided to spend several BILLION dollars to put this system up all across the U.S. That's a major breakthrough and validation. It gets better. Intel and Motorola also liked what they saw and threw in close to a billion dollars more. Why this isn't making headlines, I don't know. The more I talk to investors, the more I realize that they don't even know that it exists. I think that they may be confusing WiMax with Wi-Fi. This new technology leaves Wi-Fi in the dust. You can't miss this company. Your Third FREE Report: Radio Frequency Identification: How Microsoft Is Bringing RFID to the world and the onelittle company that they're relying on to do it In partnership with Microsoft, this low-profile enterprise devel- ops, manufactures, and markets advanced-technology wireless systems that let anyone track almost anything. That's much more important than it might first sound. Tracking assets can improve profitability and cut costs like crazy. Once Wall Street better understand the hidden value here, the gains could top 500% in under 8 months. Using local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet, the company's systems enable management to control and track the location and status of their assets — from letters and containers, to forklifts and cranes, to rental cars and railcars — in real time. Let's say you own a trucking company. You can now schedule pickups with astounding precision because you know exactly where every truck is. Or maybe you work in the Homeland Security Department. Now you can track anything you think might be a threat. Does this work well? Take a look at their client list! Customers include 3M Company, American Axle, Archer Daniels Midland, Daimler- Chrysler, Deere & Co., Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Target Corporation, Toyota, Walgreen Co., the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Postal Service, among many others. Your Fourth FREE Report: The Cuba Report: Getting In on the River of Cash Worth Billions Castro's time is almost over. Sure, he gets a TV and does a little dance in his pajamas and the media applauds him as fit as a fiddle. He isn't. As investors, we're much smarter than that. Our goal is to get in on the groundfloor when the value in Cuba is unlocked and early investors are looking at 5, 10, 15 times their money without a spec of risk to lose sleep over. It's a fabulous opportunity. No, I'm not talking about buying some crazy Cuban stock. No, there are four high-profile, well-financed enterprises in America that have major stakes in Cuba that can come alive in value worth many billions of dollars. They're close to realize these utterly gigantic gains, and Wall Street seems blind to it all. Not us! • First stock: How about a $7.8 billion dollar gain? This company had assets stolen from them that are now worth $7.8 billion dollars. If the Cuban government opens up their economy, they're going to have to pay serious cash to this enterprise. • Second stock: Cuba now gets 1.7 million visitors a year. When they open up, this will grow to a staggering 6 million from America alone. This enterprise is going to grab the lion's share of this high-profit traffic. They have everything ready to go to make this a reality within 48 hours. It's just around the corner. • Third stock: For 45 years, Cuba's "great leader" has let the infrastructure of the country crumble and rot. Transportation, communications, water, power, public institutions are in desperate need of immediate and substantial help. This major, low-profile Florida company provides countries with what they need to rebuild their economies. They're the 900-pound gorilla in this industry and Cuba can easily become their biggest client. • Fourth stock: What the first thing Cuba will need? Even faster than a new infrastructure, they're going to need food. The average Cuban now eats meat that doesn't pass for use in American dog food. They're in that of bad shape. Overnight, the Cuban people can be supplied with fresh, processed food that they've never had before by this multi-billion-dollar company that has over 100 years of experience. Their business could easily double! Tim Fields Is One of the Most Gifted Analysts in America. He Found this Nanotech Stock and He Has Several Others You MUST Know About! There are over 16,342 public companies out there. Which few should you buy? Answering that question accurately takes real talent. There are dozens of forces on any given security and industry at any one point in time. Knowing what's important and—above all—what will make the best stock of 2011 go up is absolutely crucial. It takes someone with the skill to filter out all the "noise", stick with the facts, and to be able to do this well before it's common knowledge. Few people can do this consistently over time. Tim's record proves that he can. As an independent trader for nearly a decade, Tim had brought a unique, yet refreshingly simple outlook on the financial markets to our flagship Untapped Wealth newsletter. He has amassed some great profits for our readers using "old school" fundamental techniques— putting his nose to the grindstone, getting to the bottom of corporate filings and using his formidable analytical skills to pick winning stock after winning stock. A small sampling of his stock selections...

UP 300% in New Oriental Education

UP 119% in Starent Networks

UP 127% in Lululemon Athletica

UP 148% in Chipotle Mexican Grill

UP 229% in MasterCard Inc.

UP 189% in Arcelor Mittal

UP 150% in Riverbed Technology

UP 100% in KRB Technology

UP 103% Homes Inns & Hotels

UP 98% in Silver Wheaton

UP 65% in Exlservice Holdings

UP 100% in Cavium Networks

Most investors think in terms of decades when it comes to accumulating any meaningful wealth from the market. If you have the right advisor, your gains should NOT be measured in decades. They can come faster than you ever imagined because the stock you buy does not depend upon a "mass movement" of the entire stock market. What makes it skyrocket are developments within the individual industry and specific stock. I remember reading that almost 70% of the highly praised fund managers in America manage to just beat the averages. Think about that! These individuals are being paid to under- perform the market. That's astounding. This is why someone like Tim Fields is well worth listening to. When he says that he truly believes that this nanotech enterprise at $2.65 a share could reach $60.15, some of the most sophisticated investors I know sit up and listen. Where do you find Tim's recommendations on a regular basis? In Untapped Wealth. What Is Untapped Wealth Like? It's Not Like Any Other Publication You've Ever Read. That's Why It's Been So Remarkably Successful Our goal is simple: to exploit wealth from unexamined, underdeveloped assets. If it's on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, we'll pass. We want stocks that will eventually get there, but we invest in them first, when they're low in price. That's why this nanotech powerhouse at $2.65 a share is so incredibly attractive to us. Instead of focusing our research on hot sectors everyone knows or obvious up-and-coming trends, like the rest of Wall Street, Untapped Wealth studies unique opportunities presented in the investment world. Untapped Wealth brings you one of a kind, once in a lifetime investment ideas. This remarkable $2.65-a-share nanotechnology stock is a perfect example. Our staff travels across the U.S. to meet with management, and indeed often the globe, in search of the "perfect storm" investment—an unknown opportunity that's about to become known in a very big way. Untapped Wealth is dedicated to uncovering the world's greatest opportunities to make money. While we focus primarily on events that will open new markets and create new, instant wealth, Untapped Wealth also pinpoints particular equity investments that will return strong gains from natural economic cycles. With a clearly defined plan of action, and extensive research, Untapped Wealth will deliver you unique and exciting investment opportunities you won't find anywhere else. Don't Look Back and Think..."If Only I Had Bought Some..." I can't urge you enough to climb aboard the train before it leaves the station. Great investments are dependent on timing in a major way. An obvious example: for the last five years Microsoft was flat. But 9 years ago in the same time period it grew 76% a year, multiplying your money tenfold. The difference? Timing. That's why this nanotech opportunity will not wait around. I don't think that the military has a choice when it comes to using nanotechnology. Never before has America faced so many able competitors and outright enemies. Many of them are well armed and growing in capability every day. The breakthroughs nanotechnology can offer us are unmatched by anything else. In one swift move, we pass our adversaries. In this free report, "Nanotechnology ­ How to Make $500,000 or More on This Disruptive Technology," you'll learn all about these miracles and how this exceptional stock could easily rise from $2.65 a share to $60.15. Untapped Wealth, my publication, will continue to bring you investment ideas just like this one. I urge you to join us and get your free report right now. You can downloads it and be reading it five minutes from now. Don't forget the other four FREE reports. Please don't delay. Every day this stock gets closer to being uncovered by the main- stream press and financial cable shows.

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